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Descargar XMPlayer 0.0.4

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XMPlayer Version 0.0.4 - September 15, 2013
Libxenon: d3b3270a3798c1f0b4faeb26e9dfaf24e8d41631

Known Issues
- Endless loading screen: Restart. Not working try formatting using Gui Format32. If this doesn't work place xenon.elf
on root of internal hdd, and place the "mplayer" folder on the root of a usb (ntfs, fat) then launch
- Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB, it will not find all of them. Just restart XMPlayer until it does

Playing video:
- Can crash while using play'n'charge kit
- Cannot seek in files over 2 gigabytes (split the files for now)
- Playing .rar can be unstable, sometimes freezing XMPlayer
- Prolonged pausing causes audio to go out of sync, "fix" this by seeking once in the file

- ASS Subtitle handling can cause freezes and lag. If random crashes in video occurs, set ass=no and change
vf=ass to #vf=ass in config (ass is disabled by default)
- If your subs doesn't show all the characters, try a different font by replacing subfont.ttf in "mplayer" folder
- If you exit a video with subtitle-text on the screen, the text will still be there if you play a video wihout subtitles, you
can "fix" this by going into a video with subs and exiting when there is no sutitle-text

- Loading .elf files from the filebrowser on the internal harddrive will crash, this also means using "Restart" will crash if
xenon.elf is only placed on internal harddrive

Not implemented:
- Audio balance, surround sound and optical out are not supported
- Pictures and Music are not supported
- DVD not working (crash)
- No networking!

- Copy all files to the root of an usb stick, launch it by xell or latest dashlaunch

- Do you get a red screen? Does xmplayer freeze or get stuck at endless loading? and nothing helps?
Read DEBUG so we can fix the problem together

Button Binds
- In File Browser
A: enter
B: up one level
X: sort by
Back: back to homescreen
D-pad: direction

- In Video
A: pause/play
B: exit player
X: show progression
Y: OSD/Menu
Rb: seek 10 min forward
Lb: seek 10 min back
Rt: seek 10 sec forward
Lt: seek 10 sec back
Up: seek 1 min forward
Down: seek 1 min back
Right: seek 10 sek forward
Left: seek 10 sek back

- Global
Exit action: Shutdown Button bind
Language: Menu language (English/French)

- Audio
Language: Set default audio track of video (i.e mkv with multiple languages)
Volume: Start volume
Soft Volume: Software volume boost

- Video
Frame Dropping: Set default frame dropping option
Vsync: Set default vertical sync option (can cause slow downs if on)

- Subtitles
Color: Color of the subtitle
Border Color: Color of the subtitle border
Code Page: the encoding of the subtitles (latin, baltic, arabic etc.)
Language: Default subtitle language

Thanks to

Remember to support the xbox 360 legal homebrew community! and #libxenon @ EFNet

Novedades de la versión 0.0.4 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • - Fixed: Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB device, it can crash, now it loads what it can
  • - Fixed: Overload buffer and memory leak leading to random crashes
  • - Fixed: Elf files not loading after a video has been played
  • - Fixed: Audio- and subdelay shows -0 ms
  • - Fixed: First time you enter osd menu when paused, it removes it again
  • - Fixed: Volume not changing in audio settings when paused
  • - Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is not supported
  • - Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is valid, but doesn't not contain video
  • - Changed: Disabled balance in osd menu, it doesn't work
  • - Changed: Libass disabled as default, beware libass makes xmplayer unstable
  • - Changed: Subfont from Arial to Dejavu Sans
  • - Changed: Removed Music and Photos menu for now, not supported
  • - Changed: "Restart" now restarts XMPlayer
  • - Added: Support for .rmvb files
  • - Added: New subtitle shader with selectable color and selectable outline color. Increased stability because libass is not needed
  • - Added: New Harddrive and DVD icons
  • - Added: XMplayer stops showing loading screen and shows underlying error message, if it indeed crashed
  • - Added: Restart to NXE in Global Setting in "Shutdown" option

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