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Descargar Cobra USB Payloads and Other Essential Files

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For those of you that have not been following the PS3 scene in much detail due to scene drama, you may have noticed that the scene is starting to "rise from the ashes" just recently with Team REBUG introducing the PSN-enabling 4.11 spoofer and Mr. DongleBreaker cracking the PS3UserCheat dongle, and now a once-regular PS3Hax aspiring hacker named zadow28, aka Zadow has reverse-engineered the Cobra dongle files so that the above-average PS3 user who has an USB development board laying around or any similar device can use the cracked files and use it like an ordinary Cobra USB device.



Remember these files below still need to be completed and ported to other devices, it is not a drop in PKG install for those running CFW v3.55, but I am sure people will be finishing the work done by Zadow and released as a Gift to everyone, and you will see more news updates what in now basically an unlocked Cobra USB device, ready to be ported to other devices!



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