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Descargar PSPBPacker v2

Hello everyone,
welcome to PSPBPacker.

This is a lua based app
that edits PSP eboots
for the PSP and PSP Go.

This is a useful tool to use
if you do not like something
about any of your eboots.

You can add, change or remove
anything from the eboot
which includes the following:
Title -Change only
Parental level - Add and change only
ICON0.PNG -Add, change and remove
ICON1.PMF -Add, change and remove
PIC0.PNG -Add, change and remove
PIC1.PNG -Add, change and remove
SND0.AT3 -Add, change and remove
DATA.PSP -Add, change and remove
DATA.PSAR -Add, change and remove

It is NOT recommended to add, change,
or remove the DATA.PSP or DATA.PSAR,
only if you know what you're doing.
You can backup, restore and unpack
the eboot files in the Eboot Menu.

To restore an eboot that you have
backed up, go to the eboot that you
have edited and press Square to go
into the Eboot Menu, then Press X
on the "Restore eboot" option.

Copy the "PSPBPacker" folder into
the "/PSP/GAME" folder or the
"/PSP/GAMExxx" folder corresponding
to the CFW that you are on.
Once you have done that it is ready to run.



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