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Step 1: Mount (double click) the DMG file.
Step 2: If you have Parallels Desktop installed, run to remove it.
Step 3: PD6 Cleaner & License
Step 4: Run Hosts File
Step 5: Install Parallels Desktop. (Run
Step 6: Run Parallels Desktop and activate with the serial from the NFO file
Step 7: Enjoy!
The apps should ask for your password and show a popup when they are done.
If not, you may need give them execute permission. Here's how:
In a Terminal window, run the following, replacing DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY
with the name of the directory where the apps are.
chmod -R +x "Hosts File"
chmod -R +x "PD6 Cleaner & License"
If you're not comfortable with the Terminal, there's an app you can use called 
BatChmod that you can use instead. You can get it here:
To use it:
1. Run, click "File"
2. Pick one of my app files
3. Check all the X boxes. You'll have to click each one twice to check it.
4. Check "Apply to enclosed folders and files"
5. Click Apply
6. Repeat for the other app file
HotISO for the release
panda on (and Google Cache) for PD6 Cleaner & License

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