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Descargar Venix Downgrade GUI 1.2 beta

Venix Downgrade is a Windows application that allows you to apply your patch in NOR and NAND to go back to version 4.11 to 3.55, for which there is release. In addition to applying the patch, you compare it with your backups of NOR and still reviewing whether there is any mistake.

The program is a validation Venix Downgrade your Flash dump, checking for any errors in your backup, so you have more security and will not place your Playstation 3 at risk of Brick.

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    Compatible with NOR and NAND. Check headers offsets NOR.
  • Compares bits between two NAND or NOR.
  • GUI interface.
  • Last Version Patch to downgrade simplified.
  • Automated Method
  • Requires Microsoft. NET Framework 4
  • Portuguese and English version changed according to the language of your operating system


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