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Descargar Diskswap Configurator 2.0

Swizzy's Diskswap Configurator 2.0

     Requirements - What is required for it to work
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
- Xbox 360 Games with multi-disc
You also need to have these installed to your box:
- Disk Swapper Plugin for Dashlaunch
- Dashlaunch

     Overview - What it does
- This little app will help you in generating a fully operational
configuration file for Disk Swapper 1.1 by aiding you with how it
should be formatted and such :)

     Changelog - New features and bug fixes

* 2.0 *
- Changed: The app now only requires .net Framework 2.0 ;)
- Changed: I've re-written the whole app from scratch to make it better and easier to work with
- Added: Buttons to add devices for each textbox :)
- Removed: xextool is no longer included nor required for the app to be able to fetch Title ID from a XEX file :)
- Removed: Game name is no longer a part of the app, if you need to identify your games later by adding a label or something, do so manually by writing something like: ;Gamename
- Changed: The whole app has been re-designed, it no longer has multipile windows for each part, it is now slimmed down to a single working window, the only extra window is the help information :)

* 1.3c *
- Fixed: Game should NOT end with .xex but should end with etheir \ or the name of the GOD container, my bad!

* 1.3b *
- Fixed: XP Compatibilty issue, the icon of the previous version made it crash fixed with new xp compatible icons, i didn't have a XP comp to test it on, but i now have a virtual XP installation :)

* 1.3 *
- Changed: Re-designed the Add game form
- Added: Add game now checks that you have proper input (should be GOD/xex!)
- Added: Help button for Add game to help you understand how it works :D
- Added: Icon by Jack Nepacha

* 1.2 *
- Fixed: Now proper title ID case (should be lowercase!)
- Fixed: Will now remove \ if the input in disk starts with that and don't have USB:\ or HDD:\
- Fixed: Now writes the file with multipile lines rather then 1 big line...
- Added: This readme ;)
- Added: Now writes "Generated by Swizzy's DiskSwap Configurator v1.2" at top of generated file :)

* 1.1 *
- Added: Check if user has chosen HDD or USB if not specified by user
- Added: Check that user have given atleast 2 disk data!
- Added: Version information
- Added: Link to get more of my apps ;)
- Added: Button to clear the data in Add Game form (resets it to defaults)

* 1.0 *
- Initial release

     Credits- Thanks to:

cOz - Thanks for all your help, and thanks for Disk Swapper/Dashlaunch!
Jack Nepacha - Thanks for the icon! ;)

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