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Descargar Wasabi 360 Ultra DVDMenu Tool 0.1

Wasabi 360 Ultra DVDMenu Tool v0.1


In order to use DVDMenu tool, you must have installed DVDStyler which is available from

Once you have installed DVDStyler, simply extract the contents of the DVDMenu tool archive
anywhere on your PC and run "DVDMenuTool.exe"


1. Ensure that you have installed DVDStyler
2. Connect your Wasabi 360's HDD to your PC
3. Launch DVDMenu Tool
4. Select your Wasabi 360's HDD from the "drive" drop down list
5. Select the theme
6. Press Start and wait for the process to complete
7. Use "Safely remove hardware" to disconnect the HDD from your PC, re-connect to
   Wasabi 360 Ultra and you're good to go

NOTE: Please remember, each time you change the contents of your Wasabi 360's HDD
      by adding or removing ISO files, you must re-run the DVDMenu Tool in order
      to synchronise the contents of your HDD with the DVDMenu. DVDMenu Tool saves
      all the settings from your last session, so generally in the case of updating
      DVDMenu all you need to do is connect the HDD, launch the application and click

You may select either to display the game name (this is automatically extracted from each
ISO file) or to display the original ISO filename in the menu. If you display the game name,
then for games which utilise several discs, the disc number is automatically displayed next
to the game name.

DVDMenu Tool automatically extracts information such as game name, icon and multi-disc
parameters from ISO files. This process can take some time, however the information is
saved in a cache so only needs to be extracted once per ISO file. You will thus notice that
the first time you run DVDMenu Tool it will take some time to extract required information
from ISO files, where as subsequent runs will be significantly faster due to the cache.

DVDMenu Tool will enumerate Xbox 360, Xbox 1, DVD movie and data ISO files on your HDD. Up to
512 ISO files are supported.


- DVDMenu Tool does not currently have the ability to pull game banners and other media/info
  from We are currently working on adding such functionality.

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