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Descargar PS3 FTP Client 2.9

It's a full FTP client that allows remote access to you PS3 via a PC. It is still a WIP and some features are not complete. Currently the main feature is the PS3 file ripper via FTP. Other features include: file description, view cover image for selected folder, multiMAN remote commands, etc.

Note: Use the PS3 FTP Client with care!! Remember that it touches the internal files in the HDD of your PS3.. The PS3RIP is safer.

In case someone want to delete the unnecesary covers from multiMAN's covers folder in your PS3

Use this script:


;Replace "ps3" with the IP of your PS3 console
open ps3
ifnoconnection abort
cd /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers/
del BLES00005.JPG
del BLES00008.JPG
del BLES00009.JPG
del BLES00013.JPG
del BCES00019.JPG
del BCES00029.JPG
del BCES00049.JPG
del BLES00068.JPG
del BLES00141.JPG
del BCES00142.JPG
del BLES00220.JPG
del BLES00225.JPG
del BLES00226.JPG
del BLES00233.JPG
del BLES00303.JPG
del BLES00345.JPG
del BLES00349.JPG
del BLES00494.JPG
del BLES00509.JPG
del BCES00516.JPG
del BLES00558.JPG
del BCES00584.JPG
del BCES00594.JPG
del BLES00609.JPG
del BCES00737.JPG
del BLES00747.JPG
del BLES00757.JPG
del BCES00816.JPG
del BLES00908.JPG
del BLES00969.JPG
del BLES01007.JPG
del BLES01049.JPG
del BLES01072.JPG
del BLES01097.JPG
del BCES01160.JPG
del BCUS98081.JPG
del BLUS00759.JPG
del BLUS01179.JPG
msgbox "done"

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