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Descargar PS Vita Tools 1.0.6

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###Based on fail0verflow tools and modified to be used with the vita.


Fail0verflow team


*initial release
   *pkg_reader (unfinished and bugged)
   *pkg_reader fixed and fully working pupunpack!!
   *pupunpack has been updated to unpack the PUP inside a folder called: NAME_UPDATE.PUP_0
   *initial version of unpkg. for now it is NOT able to decrypt pkg. it just extract the main parts.
   *deleted some id on the pupunpack
   *pkg_reader is still unfinished
   *added security_1 to pupunpack
   *added readself. it show information about the Playstation Vita Signed Executable and Linkable Format.
   *Updated readself. now shows more infos about selfs.
   *Updated pupunpack. corrected some ID stuff (a self 0x200 is sprx, same for 0x204. it is a self).
   *Updated readself. again more infos about selfs.
   *Added ungpkg to allow to unpack game packages.
   *Fixed tools.c to allow to search ps vita keys in the right folder.
   *Removed pkg_reader. useless

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