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Descargar XBOX360 Games Easy Updater 7.0

It's a simple tool to search for and download updates for your XBOX360 games directly from your PC (no need of XBOX Live!))
You have simply to select one or more XBOX360 ISO or XEX files and the program automatically will get the Media-ID and will search for the latest available update on the online database of Then you'll can download it directly using this program, so without the need to open any internet browser or external programs.


v7.0 (Online Parser v2.1):

Updated the online parser to bypass links used by the new
Note: this update affects only the PHP file of the online parser on my server, for this reason you do NOT have to download a new version of XGEU but just continue to use the latest valid version (the v7.0).

v7.0 (Online Parser v2):

Updated the online parser to support the new version (2.0) of server.
Note: this update affects only the PHP file of the online parser on my server, for this reason you do NOT have to download a new version of XGEU but just continue to use the latest valid version (the v7.0).


Completely rewritten the Media-ID acquisition function: the program now has its own internal function for the acquisition of the Media-ID from ISO and XEX files, which means:
Removed the need for ABGX360: thanks to the above function the program is now able to directly access the ISO or XEX file to get the Media-ID
Significantly increased the speed of the process: thanks to the direct access to ISO or XEX files the Media-ID acquisition process is virtually instantaneous, it takes no more than a few tenths of a second.
Fixed the bug on Windows: the removal of ABGX360 has automatically solved the bug that occurred only on Windows due to the not closing ABGX360
The function should be fully compatible with all current XEX and ISO files (XGD3 included). Note that it bases the identification of XGD3 ISOs on their size: this means that the scanned ISOs will have to be valid XBOX360 ISO dumps and not truncated or ripped ones, otherwise the program may fail to acquire the correct Media-ID.
Removed into the settings window the need for the path of ABGX360
Fixed a minor visual bug that did not restore the title of the program when the user refused to download an available TU.


Fixed a bug that showed an API error dialog when no update was found.
Added a warning dialog (not shown during Silent mode) to notify the user when no update has been found.
AUR and DEB packages: following your requests I edited the .desktop files to show XGEU in the menu instead of the complete program's name.


Program completely rewritten from scratch.
Changed the development language from Gambas to JAVA: this means that now the program is compatible with every Operating System where there is the JVM, such as Windows, Linux or Mac.
Important Note:
because of the development language change, now the procedure of installation and configuration of the program is a bit different! So make sure you read the section below about the installation.
The program uses the system theme by JAVA so it should integrate better into the operating system on which it is started.
Changed the online APIs for the data acquisition from XBUC website: now they'll use JSON ensuring better efficiency and better error handling.
Because of the API changes, the old versions of this program will not work anymore.
Removed the function "Rename All": now TUs on XBUC are named with unique ID and so there is no risk anymore to overwrite TU of different games.
Since the program is now just one for any OS even on Windows you'll have the XEX files and JTAG/RGH folders support.
Added a settings dialog where the user can choose an output folder and select the path of ABGX360 executable.
Thanks to the possibility to select the path of ABGX360 now the program is compatible with every OS version, even the 64 bit ones. Just download and use a version of ABGX360 compatible with your own OS.
Added a check at startup to alert the user to set the path of ABGX360 and the output folder.
Removed the italian translation from the program (it will be reintroduced in next versions).


Changed the development environment from Gambas2 to Gambas3
Fixed a bug that did not deactivate the buttons panel during the process


Added the support for XEX files
Added the possibility to select a JTAG/RGH rip folder
Improved the "Scan Folder" function and it now will search for XEX files too
Fixed some bugs that could appear in listbox and buttons management


Fixed a bug with the detection of Silent and RenameAll modes
Reintroduced buttons through a panel on the top
User can choose whether to display the buttons panel. This choise will be saved by the program


Completely rewritten the layout of the GUI (again)
Now the program's window is resizable so it can fit any screen resolution
Moved all controls from buttons into menus
Added keyboard shortcuts to the most important commands
Now the program saves the settings (input/output folder and modes) and automatically reload them at next startup
New dependency for the program: gambas2-gb-settings


Completely rewritten the layout of the GUI
Now the program will not close automatically
Batch support: you can now work with more than just one ISO
Two new options available:
Silent Mode that performs all operations without asking for user confirmations
Rename all Mode that prevents overwriting files which are named in the same way


Fixed a bug that could bring the program to crash during the download of the files.
Added a function that checks if the file ABGX360 got correctly the execute permissions
Added a timeout check to curl (30 sec)


First public release
Compatibility with every existent XBOX360 game, XGB3 included (thanks to the new ABGX v1.0.6)
English and Italian translation available in the program


-On Archlinux use the package on AUR.
-On Debian based distros (ex. Ubuntu and derivates) use the DEB package
-On Windows use the EXE package.
-About all other Unix distros or Mac:
Install JAVA
Download the XGEU package with binaries (BIN) here on the right.
Extract ALL the content of the just downloaded package:
tar -zxvf xgeu_x.x-x_bin.tar.gz
Enter in the folder just extracted and run the JAR file with JAVA double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:
java -jar XGEU.jar


This program uses the online database on to search for your game's available updates. It only search for the latest available update because as says:
Updates are commulative. This means that you only need the newest title update.

Bugs, Issues, Enhancements and Proposals

You can report any bugs or issues, as well as suggestions for enhancements and proposals, using the project's official page on BitBucket you can find HERE.


To creators and maintainers (
To my girlfriend for her infinite patience.

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