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Descargar Firmware Updater for xk3y Remote 1.1

Firmware Updater for xk3y Remote

xupper.exe - An old DriveKey tool, we are reusing the bootloader in the remote & this tool can update it.
remote_1_1A.upd - The FW update file

To use:
1. Unpack the zip file

2. Plug your remote into PC, holding down the up & down buttons while plugging in. The display will stay blank and the blue LED will light

3. Run xupper.exe, it should detect the remote and display "Connected: Firmware update mode" and "Updater v 1.3"

4. In the top menu bar select "File | Open", select "Programmer Updates (.upd)" in the file filter and load file "remote_1_1A.upd"

5. In the top menu bar select "Programmer | Update Programmer Firmware" & the update will run, takes about 10 seconds & the display turns on

6. You're done! Disconnect the remote and use as normal.


Firmware Revisions.

R7 users:
-The remote display will turn on when initially connected (or remain on when the console turns off) for 30 seconds and then turn off.
-When the console is off pressing a button on the remote will cause the display to turn on again for 30 seconds

R6&R7 users:
When the console is turned on the remote display will turn on shortly afterwards
The remote display will turn off 30 seconds after 30 seconds of inactivity, it will turn back on when a button is pressed.

R7 users:
The XBox doesn't turn off the USB power when the console shuts down, that means the display stays on :(

R6&R7 users:
The display stays on all the time the XBox is powered.


We hope that you enjoy the update and thank you for your continued support of xk3y!

The xk3y Team

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