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Descargar F3 Installer

**** Freestlye 3 Beta - Released September 21st, 2012 ****
**** Thanks go out to our dedicated beta testers and the community!
**** Quick Change Info: New and improved HTTP server
**** Quick Change Info: Coverflow, Kinect integration
**** Quick Change Info: Rebranded to Freestyle 3 or F3
**** Enjoy!

*********** READ THIS **************
This requires a fresh install it is not FSD2 compatible and requires a FRESH DB.
*********** READ THIS *************

******** F3.0.58 **********
Added coverflow
Added Kinect integration
New HTTP Server
built on FSD Core
Indie title Support. < SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW >
fixed weather API to use world weather

**NOTE** Indie titles scan into Homebrew section
**NOTE** new http credentials default to f3http
**NOTE** if installed over FSD will delete your DB
**NORE** troubles and bugs should be reported to our forums

********** INDIE INSTRUCTIONS ***********
Indie titles REQUIRE dashlaunch with fakelive to be installed
Indie titles MUST be in a Microsoft Approved content location
AKA hdd1:\content\0000000000000000\584E07D2\00000002
Approved drives for content are HDD1: MU: USBMU: INTMU:
You MUST HAVE Kinect data installed
you MUST have the Indie Launcher TitleUpdate installed
The indie titles will scan into Homebrew.

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