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  • Añadido el: Dec 09 2011 10:56
  • Actualizado el: Nov 19 2012 01:46
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Descargar UMD Dumper 2.4

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Below is a list of the changes I have made/added

* Now in English
* Add Release Notes into Menu
* Added Memory Stick size info
* Added UMD size info
* Created on the fly UMD swapping (Before Dump Starts).
* Created on the fly Memory Card swapping (Before Dump Starts).
* Updating info on the fly after swaps. (UMD updating has a few seconds delay due to reading UMD)
* Moved ISO folder checking to start of Dump. (Will create if missing)
* All New Graphics Added.
* Now you can load the UMD Dumper then swap memory stick to rip to a different memory stick.
* Cleaned up Code.
* Bug fix for waiting too long to push a button.
* Added UMD/Memory card Check
* Added ‘Return to XMB’ Option
* Changed Font

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