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Descargar True Blue Dongle Update 2.7

True Blue Dongle Update v2.7

How to update:

1. Make sure your PS3 is running the True Blue "3.55-Dongle-DG" CFW (custom firmware)
2. Copy TrueBlueUpdate-2.7.pkg from this archive to a USB flash drive
3. Boot your PS3 _WITHOUT_ True Blue inserted, and then insert the USB flash drive
4. Navigate to (Game) -> (Install Package Files), and then select TrueBlueUpdate-2.7.pkg
5. The True Blue updater will be installed onto your PS3 HDD
6. Navigate to (Game) and load "True Blue Update v2.7"
7. The updater will start, and will then prompt you to insert the True Blue dongle.
   Insert it only at this point, and continue. Your dongle will then be updated
8. After the update procedure has completed your PS3 will reset, and you will then
   be able to enjoy your updated dongle
9. You may delete the True Blue Updater from your HDD after the update is complete

Change log:

- v2.7

  * True Blue dongle authenticity status displayed on XMB system information screen
  * Fixed yet another important game compatibility issue affecting recent 4.xx games

- v2.62

  * Fixed a major game compatibility issue which will allow the release of several popular,
    previously incompatible titles
  * Improved system stability

- v2.61

  * Added PS3 firmware version spoofer
  * Game compatibility fixes

- v2.51

  * Added compatibility for revised True Blue hardware

- v2.5

  * Requires True Blue CFW v2
  * Game compatibility fixes

- v2.4

  * Stability improvements
  * Enhanced dongle security

- v2.3

  * Fixed games requiring "BD Mirror"
  * True Blue firmware version is now displayed on the XMB "System Information" screen

- v2.2

  * Initial worldwide release
  * Support for running "True Blue" titles directly from HDD via standard backup managers

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