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We present to you an app that is as simple and to the point as its name:


one boots PSX game disks, *ANY* psx game disk, even a game reported to not
work previously:

SLUS-01104 NFS: Porsche Unleashed

Requirements to use one are pretty simple, 3.15/3.41/3.55 MFW CEX or DEX
(all variants with lv1 function 114 and lv2 peek & poke support)

Simply install one, and run it with your PSX cd in the drive the game will
start after a few seconds. If you do not have a cd in the drive when you
start one, it will exit to XMB.

What doesn't work: Loading from HDD, sorry... you gotta have the disk

Q/A, FAQ, aka Before you ask, look ---\/

Q: Multiman does this, why do it separately
A: First, just because we wanted to. Secondly, because not everyone runs
Multiman, or (crazy as it sounds) even has a backup manager installed.
Third, we don't like people having to choose whether or not to lose

Q: How do I use this
A: Install the pkg, insert your PSX cd, run one.

Q: How do I install a pkg

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