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Descargar 360 Multi Builder 0.95a

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360_Multi_Builder_v0.95a on 01/07/2012
- Bug fixed in Xell/ECC build script that only affects new Xell image generation.
- The 15574 Dash JTAG/RGH/RETAIL Images created with v0.95 are not affected at all.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.95 on 23/06/2012
- Updated xeBuild to v1.03.512 with support for Latest Dash 15574.
- Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 3.02
- Updated the ECC/Xell script to detect latest un-glitchable Boot-Loaders.
- Added Trinity boot-loader ver 9231 to allow for 15574 Retail Image Creation.
- To create 15574 Retail Images for other models latest BootLoaders must be added.
- N.B:
- – 15574 image creation is only possible with an already extracted CPU key.
- – The ECC/Xell script cannot create a Xell image from a 15574 nand dump.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.94 on 12/05/2012

Updated xeBuild to v1.02.477 with support for FAT/14717/14719 consoles.
Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 3.00 beta.
Added Full RGH v2.0 support for FAT Dual CBs (4575,4576,4577,5772,5773,6752,6753)
[All Credits to the Xecuter RGH team for defeating FAT Dual CBs]
Added an automated function to check the boot-loaders version and select the correct RGH version needed.
The WinXP compatible « .exe » is included in the installer
(for those who have the Antivir problem, you can delete it manually)

360_Multi_Builder_v0.93 on 15/03/2012
- Added a window installer package for easier and automated installation/removal.

- Updated the Menus to a better and easier to use versions.
- You can start using the program simply by running the Shorcut from the Desktop.
- You don't have to browse manually in order to add or remove any files anymore.
- The program will do additional checks for missing "nanddump.bin" and "cpukey.txt"
- The program will also open the required folder automatically when needed.

- The WinXP compatible ".exe" is included in the installer
-(for those who have the Antivir problem, you can delete it manually)

360_Multi_Builder_v0.91 on 11/03/2012
- Bug Fixed (Problem with the smc.bin file) Thanks LordX for reporting.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.90 on 10/03/2012
- Added Xenon support for both Xell/ECC and RGH builds. (Credits to Team-Xecuter)
- Added Jasper 16MB small Block support (config 01198010) to Jasper 16MB build options.
  (This must be used only with some rare Jasper consoles with Nand Controller Config 01198010)
- Added the option to build Slim/Trinity RGH image with FCRT check Disabled.
  (This is needed in rare scenarios,example: using FAT drive to swap Slim non-Flashable drive)
- Added full SMC hacks to JTAG builds (AUD_CLAMP, AUD_CLAMP+TRAY_OPEN and CYGNOS360)
- Added latest xell v0.991 to ECC image creation (already added before to RGH/JTAG images)
- Changed the main executable package to avoid the false positive problems with "Antivir"
- Changed the Folders Organization to prevent any accidental files deletion
  (Now the User have to work with only one folder "Data\_my_images\" to add/remove files)
- The Program now uses a Full CB Compatibility Table to check the CB for JTAG/RGH compatibility.
- Replaced the Python Script responsable for ECC creation with a proper executable.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.83 on 06/03/2012
- Added Support for building ECC image for Slim/Trinity updated to Dash 14717/14719 (CB9230)
- Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 2.32

360_Multi_Builder_v0.82 on 26/02/2012
- Bug Fix only for Retail image building (Dual-boot users),other functions are not affected.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.81 on 25/02/2012
- Added Support for building images of latest Dash ver 2.0.14719
- Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 2.31
- Added the updated bootloaders for building 14719 Retail Images.
* Please note that Retail Images may need to increment "CF LDV" value
  by 1 of the original value manually from the options.ini file.
- Updated the Instruction Page with additional details.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.8 on 22/02/2012
- Removed the CB Labels on Main Menu to eliminate any RGH/Jtag confusion.
- Updated xeBuild to v1.01 with support for Dashboard 14717.
- Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 2.30
- Updated Rawflash to v4 (xenon.elf in folder ..\Data) for better Flashing.
- Updated Xell-Reloaded to Xell Reloaded v0.991 with built in RawFlash v4.
- Updated Flashing Instruction for proper operations with RawFlash.
- FreeStyle Dash is set to boot as the Default Dash with default "launch.ini"

Credits to xeBuild / Dashlaunch devs, especially cOz.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.7 on 11/12/2011
- Added a default "launch.ini" to Flash when image is created with Dashlaunch.
  Button_A=Hdd:\FSD\default.xex , default=Usb:\FSD\default.xex , rest=default

- Added the option to auto-build custom "launch.ini" per user preference.

Credits to xeBuild / Dashlaunch devs, especially cOz.
Credits to ir0nman for this usefull tool : "buildini.exe"

360_Multi_Builder_v0.6 on 10/12/2011
- Removed the pre-patched RGH smc files that were used in version 0.5
- Now using xeBuild to patch the RGH/smc files for better RGH images compatibility.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.5 on 09/12/2011
- Added Support for xeBuild and Dash version 14699
- Updated patches to Latest Dashlaunch v2.27 Patchset.
- now using xeBuild fcrt.bin extractor for Trinity images.
- Added RGH smc files for proper RGH image building.
- Added Xenon Retail Image build option.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.4 on 27/11/2011
- Returned to using Dashlaunch v2.25 patch-set to avoid the "PlayDVD" problem.
  with some Liteon Drives that requires the fcrt.bin for proper function.
- Fixed a bug in the Xell/Ecc script regarding Jaspers with CB version 6751.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.3 on 13/11/2011
- Updated Dashlaunch patches to latest version 2.26 / thanks cOz
- Added the option to build the image without Dashlaunch patches too.
- Added the option to build the Jtag image with SMC = AUD_CLAMP.
- Added full checks of different CB versions to the Xell/ECC script.
- Added RawFlash v3 / "xenon.elf" to "Data" folder with flashing note.
- Fixed the Fans Speed back to auto (it was 70% in previous version).

360_Multi_Builder_v0.2 on 03/11/2011
- Added Proper Support for Jasper with CB 6751 (where a donor CB 6750 will be used)
- Please note that Jasper with CB 6752 are not Glitchable even if the image was created
- Added Proper Support for Zephyr with CB 4578 (Program now supports both 4578 & 4579)
- Added a notification to the Python Script about the Falcon CB 5772 being not Glitchable

360_Multi_Builder_v0.1 on 31/10/2011
- Updated "Easy ggBuilder" to "360 Multi Builder" with ECC/Jtag/Glitch & Retail image creation.
- Added Auto-Build ECC Glitch image "image_00000000.ecc" when "cpukey.txt" is missing.
- Added startup checks for "nanddump.bin" and "cpukey.txt" files existence.
- Jtag/Freeboot 13604 image creation with built-in Dashlaunch v2.25 patches & Xell-Reloaded.
- Glitch Hack   13604 image creation with built-in Dashlaunch v2.25 patches & Xell-Reloaded.

Easy ggbuild v0.4 Final on 26/10/2011
- Updated BestPig's fcrt_extractor to version 0.3
- Eliminated one step from the Trinity image creation for simpler operation

Easy ggbuild v0.3 on 25/10/2011
- Added BestPig's fcrt_extractor which allows auto-extracting of "fcrt.bin/fcrt.bin.meta",
  no more need for manual extracting of the 2 files using "360 Flash Dump Tool" for Trinity.

- The Program is now considered fully automated for all console types including Trinity.

Easy ggbuild v0.2 on 24/10/2011
- Removed Xenon type from selection Menu
- Added Trinity notification about "fcrt.bin" and "fcrt.bin.meta" files needed for some Slim nands.
- Added 360 Flash Tool v0.97 to package with the ability to auto-launch it when needed.
- Added the option to build Dash 13604 Retail Images
- Added different menu selection checks to avoid wrong user input

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