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ChangeLog 3.2:

# Added multi track support to SID files (finally!).
# Added support for the gbs file format.
# Added confirmations to text editor on save or exit.
# Added /describe to irc.
# Added basic cookie support.
# Tied Y to the stop function on the web browser.
# Changed IRC receive mode to hopefully squash memory error.
# Changed internet enabled applications to allow downloading/processing while the lid is closed.
# Decreased memory footprint to allow larger images to load again.
# Fixed annual dates causing every day to underline in some cases.
# Fixed e^x freezing in some instances.
# Fixed inconsistent save message on scribble screen.
# Fixed IRC bug that appeared while typing with fixed width irc.
# Fixed aac/mp3 streams skipping sometimes.
# Fixed bad font characters in the smallest font.
# Fixed a html rendering crash with css pages.
# Fixed random crash that happened when switching tabs in web browser.
# Fixed garbage display in hbdb if you cancelled the list then pressed left or right.
# Fixed graphical issues with themes loaded.


DSOrganize Readme 1.1
0.0 Forward
1.0 Introduction
  1.1 Included Files
  1.1 Feature List
2.0 Getting Started
3.0 More Help

0.0 Foreward
This readme file is not meant to be an all-inclusive instructional manual on using DSOrganize.  It is meant to be an introduction to the featureset and some of what you can do with it.  To get more information, visit and read up.

1.0 Introduction
DSOrganize is meant as a homebrew organizer application for the Nintendo DS that should have come built in in the first place. It is by no means comparible to a full-fledged organizer such as a palm, and it is not planned to become an operating system, video player, or anything similar. Many thanks go out to several dedicated members in the homebrew community for their help and libraries, without which, DSOrganize would not exist.

1.1 Included Files
DSOrganize directory - Mandatory for successful installation.  Please place either on the root of the card or under /data/
moonshl directory - Prepatched version of DSOrganize for Cyclo DS users who want DSOrganize as their media app.  Copy this and the DSOrganize directory to the root of your card.
DSOrganize.ds.gba - For older slot 2 cards that require a loader program.  Requires DLDI patching. - For older supercard products.  Requires DLDI patching.
DSOrganize-gnm.nds - Prepatched version for Games 'n' Music owners.
DSOrganize.nds - For all other cards.  Requires DLDI patching.
1.2 Feature List
- Home Screen
   * Rearrangeable graphical menu of available items
   * Day overview with snapshots of your calendar and todo list
   * Room for custom shortcuts to launch your favorite plugins or applications
- Calendar
   * Tied to Day Planner
   * Allows for daily events or reminders to be placed on the calendar year
- Day Planner
   * Allows for bi-hourly events or reminders to be placed on a specific day, or by week, month or year
- Address Book
   * Supports vCard 2.1 and 3.0 formats
     + Automatically separates multi-vCard entries for editing
   * Allows creation and editing of existing addressbook entries
     + Editor autoformats 9 digit zip codes and 7/10 digit phone numbers
   * Autosorted list, configurable to either last, first or first last
- Todo List
   * Supports simple lists of errands or chores
   * Allows you to set the severity of lists
   * Available auto-bullet mode
- Scribble Pad
   * Allows for the creation or editing of 256x192 bmp and png files
   * Contains several common tools including a text input and color replacer
   * Contains standard palette as well as a color chooser that presents virtually all of the DS's colors
- Browser
   * Lists the contents of your CF/SD/microSD card
     + Ability to hide or unhide files
     + Ability to disable hidden file viewing in configuration
   * Full support for new file, new directory, delete file/directory, rename, cut, copy, paste
   * Reads description and icon from homebrew and demo .nds files
   * Included txt/ini/html editor
     + Supports simple editing of files
     + Available syntax highlighting for ini and html files
   * Included txt/html viewer
     + Renders simple html pages
     + Allows up to 10 bookmarks for a particular file
   * Includes picture viewer
     + Support for the bmp, jpg, png, and gif formats (including animated gif)
     + Limited support for raw .bin formats
     + Allows viewing of files larger than the screen by presenting a thumbnail and a drag box
   * Includes module, emulated and wav/mp3/ogg/aac/m4a/flac player
     + Support for xm, it, s3m, mod modules
+ Support for sid, nsf, spc, sndh emulated formats
+ Support for pls or m3u playlists
     + Support for streaming mp3, ogg and aac radio
     + Allows for simple playback, sequential and shuffle playback
   * Includes wav recorder
     + Allows for virtually unlimited recording time by streaming directly to your CF/SD/microSD card
     + Saves to standard windows-readable audio files
   * Includes homebrew launcher
     + Works best on supercard or gbamp cf
     + Allows for configurable second loader for compatibility
+ Auto DLDI patching for supported homebrew
   * Shortcuts support, including shortcuts that can be placed on the home screen
- Calculator
   * Standard scientific calculator
   * Allows for large numbers in memory, up to 200,000 digits
   * Allows connections to virtually any IRC server
   * Tabbed, multichannel view with 100 lines of backscroll
   * Ability to scroll back through five typed lines or commands
   * Full bold/underline/colors support
   * Autoperform through autoperform.txt file upon connect
   * Customizable theme support through irc.ini
- Homebrew Database
   * Allows connections to DSOrganize homepage or custom homebrew databases
   * Will list and download homebrew availabie on the database directly to your CF/SD/microSD card
- Configuration Page
   * Allows customization of all pages in DSOrganize
   * Includes specific settings for web browser and IRC
   * Allows rearranging of the home screen
   * Allows configuration of wifi in firmware and three additional DSOrganize profiles
- Web Browser
   * Forms and links support
   * Customizable homepage
   * Bookmarks support
   * Lists URLs captured from IRC
   * Small images support
   * CSS colors support
   * File download support
   * SSL support
2.0 Getting Started
To run DSOrganize, make sure you have unzipped or moved the entire contents (sans this readme) to your CF/SD/microSD card.  There are several support files including help and resource files that need to be present for all of the features to work properly.  To boot DSOrganize, either set it as your shell (possible under GBAMP, DS-X or ninjaDS) or launch it from your card's menu.  To get help on any specific feature, hold select on the screen and help will be displayed.  The recommended card solution for use with DSOrganize is the GBAMP, although this might not be practical in your situation.  In that case, the CycloDS Evo card might be better.  If you absolutely must try DSOrganize right now, you can run to your local Best Buy and grab a Games 'n' Music.  I do not have many other cards to test on so I can't recommend others.  Compatibility depends on availability of drivers and their completeness.

3.0 More Help
For help with getting started or a specific feature, head to and read up.  For help on frequently asked questions, visit http://www.dragonmin...x.php?title=FAQ and read up.  For icon sets, see the readme in the icons subfolder.  For bug reports or feature requests, please visit the proper thread on GBADev.  Do not try to contact me via email or IRC, I will ignore it.

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