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Descargar Wasabi 360 Ultra Firmware 1.3 beta 2

This firmware is for both Wasabi 360 Ultra (Phat) and Wasabi 360S Ultra (Slim). For
installation and usage instructions, please refer to the user guide located at the
official Wasabi 360 Ultra website:

Please be aware that this is a BETA firmware release. While we have done our best to
rigorously test the firmware, there may be some bugs that have slipped through. If
you have any issues with this BETA then please direct your queries to the Team Wasabi
support e-mail:

Change log

- v1.3 BETA 2 (8/11/2012)

  * Multi disc support for the DVDMenu system.
  * Fix the missing last 4 digits ODD key "16D4S drives" from WASABI display information.

- v1.3 BETA 1 (12/3/2012)

  * DVDMenu added - a graphical, skinnable, fully customisable on-screen menu system
  * Eject processing tweaked
  * Drive key is now displayed at the Wasabi version information screen

- v1.2 (25/2/2012)

  * Automatic drive key extraction for Xbox Slim Liteon 16D4S drives added
  * Dynamic AP25 responses based on disc profiling is now supported, allowing AP25
    protected titles to function with the latest dashboard + console specific dae.bin updates
  * AP25 topology data may be sourced from either the provided AP25 database or from within
    iXtreme LT v3 ISO files
  * Support for GPT partitions added, enabling support for drives larger than 2TB

- v1.1 (19/10/2011)

  * Added advanced configuration options, manipulated through the new wasabi.xml file
  * Changed the default boot behaviour - now the previously used ISO file will be automatically
    mounted at boot, rather than the "mixed media" ISO list. Simply "eject" Wasabi in the usual
    manner in order to bring up the ISO list after boot. This behaviour can be configured (and
    thus reverted to the previous system) via wasabi.xml
  * Added an update blocker feature, which prevents Xbox dashboard updates from being initiated
    from a Wasabi mounted ISO file. This is enabled by default, although it can be configured
    via wasabi.xml. We recommend that you leave this enabled at all times; if you wish you update
    your Xbox dashboard then you should do so with Wasabi in pass-through mode, launching the
    update either from Xbox live or from a USB stick
  * The Wasabi ISO list has always had a feature where the most recently mounted ISO will be shown
    at the top of the list. From this release, this feature can be toggled on and off via wasabi.xml
  * You can now specify any arbitrary folder on your HDD from which Wasabi should list ISO files,
    once again configured via wasabi.xml
  * Various stability and performance tweaks

- v1.0 (3/10/2011)

  * Initial firmware release

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