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Descargar iXtreme 3.0 0800 for Benq and Liteon

Team Jungle Presents IXtreme 3.0 0800 firmware for Benq and Liteon drives

IXtreme fw for Benq and Liteon drives!


-Common API designed for easier application use!

-Support for SS V2!

-Support for AP25!

-Support for XGD3 ripping!

-Direct 0800 mode for game dumping including SS v2!

This firmware is =NOT FOR USE IN A CONSOLE= and is provided
with the intended use of being in a dedicated "ripping" drive.

This means:
a. Does not need your DVD key,
b. Does not need spoofing as another drive,
c. Does not need to use the tray half open and
d. Does not need to use the activate.iso to use this firmware on the pc.

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