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Descargar Amiga360 1.0

Amiga360 - P-UAE 2.3.3 for Xbox 360 Console


- Based off P-UAE V2.3.3
- Simple and easy to use GUI
- Full Mouse/Keyboard support
- OCS/ECS/AGA/Picasso96 emulation
- Hardfile emulation
- Savestate support
- BSD Socket Emulation (experimental)
- Filesystem emulation (experimental)
- Drive click support
- Prebuilt config files included.
- Tested and working with Amiga-SYS, ClassicWB and AIAB


The package contains 2 files.

Amiga360.xex – if you are running a retail (JTAG) console. Use this version.
Amiga360-Dev.xex – if you have access to a devkit, this version will replace the analog stick mouse with real mouse support. Plug in a mouse into any USB port.

Note – you cannot run Amiga360-Dev.xex on a retail console.


Before you can run Amiga360. You need at least one valid KickStart rom image. It needs to be called 'kick.rom' and live in the KickStarts/ subfolder.

Once in place Amiga360 will now boot up to the KickStart screen.

Pressing Left Trigger at any time during emulation will pause Amiga360 and bring up the Menu.

Directory Structure

Roms/ - Place adf images here. Use 'Disks' menu option to insert disk images. Use 'Hard Disk Images' menu options to mount/unmount harddrive images.
Hardfiles/ - Place harddisk (hdf) images here. Use 'Hard Disk Images' menu to mount hdd images.
Config/ - Place config files here. Use the 'Config Files' menu option to select/load and save a config
KickStarts/ - Place kickstart rom images here. Use the 'KickStart' menu option to select and use a rom. To use Amiga360 you will need at least one kickstart rom called 'kick.rom' to exist in this folder.
Save/ - This is the location of any savestates.

Mounting Filesystem Drives

An example is in the config file 'Amiga-Sys'


This example is mounting 2 Amiga volumes DH0 and DH1 with volume names System and Work and are mapped to Usb0:\System and Usb0:\Work


UI Configuration is not complete. For the more advanced tasks options you will need to directly modify configuration files.

BSDSocket emulation is not 100%. Tested and working apps include AWeb, Voyager, IBrowse, AmiIRC, YAM, AmiRSS, AmiTradeCenter and others. There are a small number of tcp/ip apps that do not work correctly.

Currently the GUI will only display roms in Game:\Roms

Bugs and Issues

- There are slowdowns with certain games/demos. For now to workaround setting frameskip to 2 on this titles should be sufficient.
- Picasso96 16/32bit screenmodes color pallete is incorrect. For now use 24 bit screens only.
- Filesystem disk geometry size is incorrect.
- There is no CD/CD32/CDTV support (yet)

Important Links

Amiga360 Sourcecode -
P-UAE Sourcecode -
ClassicWB -

Greets and Thanks
Gnostic, coz, cancerous, Razkar, Artik and Logic-Sunrise, idc and all Amiga fans worldwide!

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