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Descargar Showtime Mediaplayer Repack 3.5.52

Captura de pantalla
Versión no oficial, pero más avanzada, de Showtime Mediaplayer.

Buttons on controller (Controls)
✕ Enter current item
○ Go back (exit)
△ Show options / playcontrol menu
□ Screensaver (Until something better has been figured out)
► Play/Pause
▬ Home menu
✜ Navigate it
L3 – Get playback info (During video playback)
R3 – Get log console

-The only current way to input characters is by using a standard keyboard.

- Virtual keyboards are supported at the moment.

Things that do NOT work

-TV-style remote controller has not been tested. No idea if it works or not.

-BD/DVD/CD Discs – No idea how that works

-Digital pass thru audio (AC3, DTS, etc)

Novedades de la versión 3.5.52 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • Merge pull request #65 from whyz/vdpau_deinterlace_setting
  • fixed spelling of Spatial
  • removed debug log output
  • Removed non-working runtime setting for VDPAU deinterlacer. Added resolution limit setting for deinterlacer.
  • Add Czech translation, by Jirka Dutka
  • conform to new settings_create_multiopt syntax
  • merge
  • ps3: Partial revert of a change that caused default overscan settings on PS3 to be lost

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