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Descargar CMD Freebooter 1.2.3

Swizzy's CMD Freebooter v1.2.3

   Requirements - What you need to do have in order for this to work!
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
- Your CPUKey
- A dump of your nand

   Overview - What it does
- It will create a Freeboot image with your given options, it uses
   ibuild and fbbuild to do this, so it doesn't really have the
   functions itself, it's more like a script then an actual program.
- You can set presets of various options within the program, this way
   if you do alot of machines that are similar you don't have to choose
   everything over and over, however you still need to restart the program
   after it completes building your nand.
- You may enable or disable logging if you like, you can choose output
   filename yourself or use the preset one (freeBOOT.bin)
- It'll if you want it to download the appropiate systemupdate for your
  version of rebooter (the downloads come from logic-sunrise)
- It'll read the file "cpukey.txt" and if it contains a cpukey this will be
  checked for typo's and if it passed it'll be used as your cpukey ;)

    Changelog - New features and bug fixes

- None at this time :D

- Make sure your USB drive is not in use, and if so wait for process
to finnish, if it takes to long forcibly kill it
- Add possibility to automaticly copy all files to use Flash360 to upgrade your
previously hacked console ;)
or xellous (move needed files to usb drive)
- Add ability to check what SMC hack you currently have if doing an upgrade

* 1.2.3 *
-Added: Multilingual support
-Added: Translations into: French and Swedish
-Added: A template with instructions for translators ;)
-Added: Option in config.ini for language called lang, change this to your language and it'll load that
file, if it doesn't exist it'll use hardcoded english ;)
-Added: CB reading support with suggestion of what mobo you should choose
-Fixed: Fatal bug with version 1.2.2 causing random E13/0031 errors on Xenons due to wrong SMC version

* 1.2.2 *
-Fixed: A bug that only effected users that have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
-Removed: The app no longer renames the fbBuild log as it caused the app to crash for some
systems, looking for a way to get this to work on those systems aswell, meanwhile this feature
is disabled!
-Added: SMC handling for Cygnos360v2 users!
-Changed: Rewrote the whole SMC handling to enable you to make a Cygnos360v2 nand aswell ;)
-Changed: Rewrote parts of log/menu for new SMC information
-Changed: The icon now looks more professional thanks to JPizzle! i owe you one ;)
-Changed: config_info.ini file to correspond to the changes for SMC handling and added some
more information to som areas that needed it.
-Added: If an error occurs that will cause fbbuild to fail all .tmp files will be deleted and
the app will close.

* 1.2.1 *
- Fixed: FATAL error if cpukey.txt was empty
- Fixed: Bug with the app not saving your input if you accidently hit wrong button or
something whiles choosing motherboard, rebooter, dashlaunch etc. etc. :/
- Fixed: Minor visual errors a little bit everywhere
- Added: MD5 check towards the systemupdate file downloaded from Logic-Sunrise, thus
making it less possible for it to be corrupted ;)
- Fixed: Several other minor bugs
- Changed: Customized options for fbBuild is now available for all motherboards!
- Added: The app now have a icon ;)

* 1.2.0 *
- Fixed: Filenames no longer becomes forcibly uppercase when preset
- Added: Progress information for when you download updates
- Changed: Server to download updates from, now downloads from Logic-Sunrise
- Added: download.ini, used to store links to downloadable files (systemupdates)
- Added: Now able to prepare a USB drive for updates (FAT32 formatting etc.)
- Added: Reads cpukey.txt and use this as cpukey if the contents looks valid
- Added: Extra checks for CPUKey, no longer accepts nummeric or alpha ONLY
cpukey, has to be alphanumeric (letters and numbers) and 32 characters long
aswell as has to ONLY include 0-9, a-f, A-F (checks validity of key! ;))
- Changed: Dashlaunch 2.23b the version included with this release
- Changed: Dashlaunch defaults is now "Recomended Dashlaunch settings"
- Added: If there is a fbBuild warning message you'll see it very clearly (red color)
- Added: If the fbBuild error is related to improper CPUKey output file will be deleted
- Added: Copying the fbBuild output log to directory next to the output log with the name:
fbBuild_*date*_*time*.log so that you can debug if needed :)
- Added: Option to disable the updater (if option not present will be set to true)

* 1.1.1 *
- Fixed: Minor corrections to filelist.ini files
- Fixed: Minor corrections for Xenon motherboards

* 1.1.0 *
- Added: Support for creating 13599 (fbbuild version 0.32)
- Changed: fbbuild 0.32 is the version used with this release
- Added: Downloading of $SystemUpdate for your version of freeboot
- Changed: Dashlaunch 2.23 the version included with this release
- Fixed: ALOT of bugs! a little bit of everything, still some bugs to fix

* 1.0.0 *
- Initial release
- Dashlaunch 2.22 is the version included with this release
- fbbuild 0.31 is the version used with this release

     Credits - Thanks to:

- SPKLeader - Maker of the freeboot automter scripts i've used as source
for this app! (i translated his batch scripts to C# ;))
- cOz - Maker of Dashlaunch, been talking ALOT to him asking for advice
- boflc - Helped me out with a couple of things ;)
- Razkar - Helping me find bugs and giving me general advice/ideas, along with
releasing this app on logic-sunrise! :D
- JPizzle - Helping me find bugs and making the new icon! :D
- Bestpig - Helping me with the cygnos360v2 support :)
- Anyone else that has helped me with anything such as tests, bug finding
and such that is not mentioned above, THANK YOU! without testers this app
would be pretty much useless compared to the other GUI versions out there ;)

- Wulfgar - The guy is a pain in the butt, banned me from any and all channels related to JTAG
because of my job and because i was tired and asked a few questions relating to the bug i found... THANKS ALOT DUDE!

*How to contact me*

I'm ussually available on these networks:
I'm ussually available in these channels on efnet:
#psxcare *NOTE: In this channel we speak SWEDISH!*
I'm ussually available in these channels on Quakenet:
#psxcare *NOTE: In this channel we speak SWEDISH!*

You can use my website to contact me using the online form found at *NOTE: this form is in swedish the following is
a rough translation of the fields for those of you that don't know
what google translate is:

Namn = Name
Email = E-Mail
ƒmne = Subject
Meddelande = Message
Du har xxxx tecken kvar = You have xxxx characters left
skicka en kopia till dig sj‰lv = Send a copy of the mail to yourself
Fyll i fˆljande s‰kerhetskod = Write the following security code in the box below
Inte l‰sbart? Byt text = Unreadable? change the security code
Skicka = send

If you don't want to use this you can also send me a mail to my e-mail straight away:

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