CaptainCPS-X ha publicado la versión 1.03 de FB Alpha RL (Retro Loader), un emulador arcade para Playstation 3 que soporta roms de las siguientes plataformas:

  • Capcom CPS-1
  • Capcom CPS-2
  • Capcom CPS-3
  • Cave
  • Juegos basados en Data East DEC-0, DEC-8 y DECO IC16
  • Hrdware basado en Galaxian
  • Irem M62, M63, M72, M90 y M92
  • Kaneko 16
  • Konami
  • Neo-Geo
  • Hardware basado en Pacman
  • PGM
  • Hardware basado en Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2
  • Sega System 1, System 16, System 18, X-Board y Y-Board
  • Toaplan 1
  • Toaplan 2
  • Taito F2, X, Z y otros


  • Signed for CFW 3.4X / 4.XX and tested on
  • Rebug 4.46 REX / CEX
  • MiraLaTijera 4.40 (3.2.0)
  • Added version and IP address display on the Main Menu.
  • Whole new theme for this release of FB Alpha.
  • Added Iris Manager (official) to the Main Menu load options.
  • Added proper “Preview” image aspect ratio calculation.
  • Incorporated RetroArch and FBA libretro source code into FB Alpha RL Git, and with just one makefile everything is built.
  • To build: make fbarl
  • To clean (all cores): make _cleanup
  • Ported my custom mods to the latest RetroArch Core v0.9.9.6.
  • (O) is the new “Game List” button to return to “Main Menu”.
  • Added shadow effect to all rendered text, in preparation for future “Custom Theme” feature.
  • Fixed a problem with CPS-3 External / Stereo sound on libretro, now it sounds great
  • [src] Source code has been greatly re-organized.
  • [src] “miniz.cpp” ZIP library is used the “proper” way, so now I can use its modules everywhere I need.
  • [src] “burn_drivers.h” was renamed as “burn_drivers.cpp” and is now compiled, allowing access to its data everywhere I need.
  • Added support for Neo-Geo UNI-BIOS (need to be present in
  • FBARL will look from latest (uni-bios_3_0.rom) to oldest BIOS (uni-bios_1_0.rom) in “”, of course if you don’t have any of those the game will be loaded with regular BIOS.
  • Added check for file existence on game selection, if the game listed is not found for some reason, like for example, if you disconnected the USB with the games, it will prompt you with a message to re-scan. The system will not lock / freeze anymore.
  • Added check for fb_alpha.SELF core existence on game selection, if for some reason you don’t have it or can’t access, the application will let you know and prompt you to re-install it.
  • Fixed libretro core default inputs for Neo-Geo and Capcom fighting games, now they are correctly assigned.
  • Fixed the Save Custom Inputs feature on RetroArch core, now it will not include the annoying “example” text, it will use the currently loaded name, so you can save quickly and continue playing.
  • Added FTP support.
  • Using latest FB Alpha v0.2.97.30 source, adapted to compile as libretro (romset is synched with MAME v149).
  • Doesn’t include all “optimizations” from recent libretro Git, since some of them cause some problems with a few games.

Descarga: FB Alpha RL (Retro Loader).

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